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Hilary McKay Talks About Writing About War From Dual Perspectives.

April 08, 2022 Cheryl Caldwell and Heather Clark
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Hilary McKay Talks About Writing About War From Dual Perspectives.
Show Notes

"When you meet people, you don't hate them anymore."

This quote from Hilary during this interview expresses so much about her humanity, her love, and her wisdom. Her historical WWI and WWII novels, The Skylarks' War, and Swallow's Flight are exquisite novels that delve into the life of people who lived these wars. Specifically, Swallow's Flight does a gorgeous job of presenting compelling characters who lived on both sides of World War II, and following the family from Skylark's War into the next generation of children is a gift. We learn so much from HIlary in this interview, and we just didn't want the conversation to end. On a personal note, Hilary McKay is one of the two authors who I credit with my decision to write middle grade. Her Casson Family series is real, heartfelt, hilarious, and just a beautiful emotional experience.

Hilary McKay is the award-winning author of The Time of Green Magic (which received five starred reviews), The Skylark’s War (which was a Boston Globe Best Book, and received three starred reviews), Binny Bewitched (which was a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year and received two starred reviews), Binny in Secret (which received three starred reviews), Binny for Short (which received four starred reviews), and six novels about the Casson family: Saffy’s Angel, Indigo’s Star, Permanent Rose, Caddy Ever After, Forever Rose, and Caddy’s World. She is also the author of Wishing for Tomorrow, the sequel to Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess, and The Swallows’ Flight--releasing in the US on October 19th. Hilary lives with her family in Derbyshire, England. Visit her at

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